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Medellin Paragliding

Paragliding Adventure Tour

Enjoy a fantastic paragliding flight with an experienced instructor. Paragliding is an adventure sport that captures the wind and takes you soaring above the ground to gain a 360-degree view of the mountains and sky.

We hope you come away from your flight full of adrenaline and energy. You will be excited the next time you see the world from afar! ( Blog )

Enjoy the magic of flight with no previous experience! Fly in tandem with an experienced instructor who controls the paragliding while you relax and feel the thrill of flying above Medellin.

The tandem paraglider we use is designed to support the weight of two people attached to the wing by two separate harnesses.

Flying above one of Colombia’s most significant towns is what we do! With more than 25 years of experience, we will take you on an adventure. Feel, breathe, enjoy! See Medellin from a whole different angle.

This activity fulfills the objective of showing travelers the city of Medellin differently. You are the ones who choose whether to live it excessively or if they want to live it as a relaxing adventure with a beautiful view. We are pioneers of paragliding in Antioquia.

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